Honey Label Review Saddleback Farm, Farnborough, West Berkshire

Saddleback FarmShop Honey Label REview

I visited the farmshop in early January 2020 to get an appreciation about how other honey producers label their jars. I hope to redesign my label before the honey season begins. Without further ado here is my review.

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Honeybee Print

Printing Bees on Tissue Paper Using An Adana Printing Press

Printing Bees on tissue paper, using an adana printing press, is tricky because the paper is so thin and the ink very thick. Nonetheless, it is possible and here's how.

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Honey Label Review Galloway Farm Honey

Honey Label Review – Galloway Honey Farm

This blog is a Honey Label Review of Galloway Honey Farm Scottish Heather honey. This blog follows on from my honey label style review of London Honey Co.

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London Honey Company. Honey in contained in a bonta jar.

Deconstructing The Style Of London Honey Co – What Beekeepers Can Learn

By deconstructing the style of London Honey Co (LHC), I hope to show how beekeepers can raise their game in marketing honey.

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Wasp at entrance to hive

Why Should Beekeepers Trap Wasps in Spring

Why should beekeepers trap wasps in spring?

The problem I am hoping to address happens in autumn which is a squadron of yellow jackets attacking your weakest colony of honeybees. You can mitigate the problem by narrowing the hive entrance to one bee-space. read more

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Please Support Sally Pov buy this converted horsebox.

Please Support Sally Pov – The Hive, East Hendred

But Sally needs your help. She wants to buy a converted horsebox (coverted into a mobil shop) to reach local villages, many of which no longer have a shop.

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This is Mr and Mrs Woodley's apiary at Worlds End, Beedon. This is now the back garden of Garden Cottage, Worlds End, Beedon. The photo was taken in 1891. #WilliamWoodley, #Beedon,

William Woodley – An Introduction

William Woodley (1845 - 1923) was a pioneer in 'Modern Beekeeping', a champion at the show-bench, the owner and operator of Britain's largest bee-farm, was presented to Queen Victoria, an owner of the world's first mass-produced car, and a prolific writer. His commentary of the Isle of Wight disease, a disease which wiped-out ninety per cent of the honeybee population in the British Isles, is his most significant contribution to the world of beekeeping. Woodley's story charts the rise and fall of British beekeeping.

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Honeybees in Paulonia Tree. Tree cavities were the original home of the honeybees. Tree cavities are few and far between in the UK today, and honeybees tend to live in hives than tree cavities. #BeehiveYourself, #WantageOxfordshire, #BeesInTrees, Beehive Yourself, Wantage Oxfordshire,

Honeybees Living Inside A Tree

The photo above is a paulownia tree in East Hanney with honeybees living inside it. Tree cavities were the original home of the honeybees.

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