Featured Image William Woodly An Introduction

William Woodley (Beekeeper) – An Introduction

William Woodley (1845 – 1923) [1,2] was a pioneer in ‘Modern Beekeeping’, a champion at the show-bench, the owner and operator of Britain’s largest bee-farm [3], was presented to Queen Victoria, an owner of the world’s first mass-produced car, and a prolific writer.  His commentary of the Isle of Wight disease, a disease which wiped-out ninety per cent of the honeybee population in the British Isles [4], is his most significant contribution to the world of beekeeping.  Woodley’s story charts the rise and fall of British beekeeping.

Hive Assembly - two tools which makde a difference.

Hive Assembly: How Two Tools Make A Big Difference.

In this article I discuss two tools which make a big difference to hive assembly. These aids hardly get a mention in bee books or at beekeeping associations. However, unless you have a helper on hand, assembling hive boxes properly can be an awkward task.

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How To Make A Letterpress Flyer

About Beehive Yourself | How To Make A Letterpress Flyer

One way to find customers is to put flyers through their letterboxes. For the best chance of success you need to create something remarkable. This is my attempt at doing just that – using cardboard, ink, and string and I show you below how to make a letterpress flyer.

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William Woodley And The World's First Mass-Produced Car

The Story of William Woodley and the World’s First Mass-Produced Car

In this article, I explore the history of a ‘Benz Velo Comfortable’ motor car, which once resided in the village of Beedon. This vehicle was once owned by William Woodley and I discuss why, on the face of it, he seemed an unlikely man to become a motorist. I describe his preparations for a motor house, his first drive home, a trapped motorist, and an unusual repurposing of this vehicle. I conclude by detailing what finally happened to this car.

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Featured Image: The Apiary At Crossing Cottage

The Apiary At Crossing Cottage, Compton, Berkshire.

Every so often I discover an apiary at a surprising location, and one such place, albeit in a photograph, was in the back garden of a railway-crossing cottage at Compton, Berks. This article tells the story of C W Dyer and his wife Sarah, their beekeeping activities, and the railway which served the Berkshire Downs. I finish by considering why Charles Dyer was able to adopt the modern version of the beekeeping, when so many in the countryside were abandoning the craft.

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Robin on hive.

Christmases At Beedon As Described in Mr Woodley’s Journals

Christmas is once again upon us, so I thought it would be a pleasant diversion to revisit Christmases At Beedon As Described in Mr Woodley’s Journals. The passages below are taken from his writings both in the British Bee Journal and the Bee-keepers’ Record.

Saddleback Farmshop, Farnborough, Berkshire, Set into a Hive Frame

Saddleback Farm Shop – Honey Label Review

This is a honey label review of the Saddleback Farmshop‘s honey-shelf. This farmshop is located on the edge of the village of Farnborough in West Berkshire and is adjacent to the B4494. # Saddleback Farmshop Honey If you stumbled on this blog because you are looking for LOCAL HONEY, then hop over to my online shop. … Read more

A Printed Honeybee inside a hive frame

Printing Bees on Tissue Paper Using An Adana Printing Press

Printing Bees on tissue paper, using an adana printing press, is tricky because the paper is so thin and the ink very thick. Nonetheless, it is possible and here’s how. In addition, here is a photo showing the anatomy of the adana press. It explains the printing jargon I use below. Prepping the Adana Put as … Read more

Wasp At Entrance To Hive Set in Hive Frame

Why Should Beekeepers Trap Wasps in Spring

Why should beekeepers trap wasps in spring? The problem I am hoping to address happens in autumn which is a squadron of yellow jackets attacking your weakest colony of honeybees. You can mitigate the problem by narrowing the hive entrance to one bee-space. If the wasp-attack is still persistent, place a clear material at the front … Read more