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Honey Label Review Galloway Farm Honey

Honey Label Review – Galloway Honey Farm

This blog is a Honey Label Review of Galloway Honey Farm Scottish Heather honey. This blog follows on from my honey label style review of London Honey Co.

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London Honey Company. Honey in contained in a bonta jar.

Deconstructing The Style Of London Honey Co – What Beekeepers Can Learn

By deconstructing the style of London Honey Co (LHC), I hope to show how beekeepers can raise their game in marketing honey.

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Wasp at entrance to hive

Why Should Beekeepers Trap Wasps in Spring

Why should beekeepers trap wasps in spring?

The problem I am hoping to address happens in autumn which is a squadron of yellow jackets attacking your weakest colony of honeybees. You can mitigate the problem by narrowing the hive entrance to one bee-space. read more

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