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This is Mr and Mrs Woodley's apiary at Worlds End, Beedon. This is now the back garden of Garden Cottage, Worlds End, Beedon. The photo was taken in 1891. #WilliamWoodley, #Beedon,

William Woodley – An Introduction

William Woodley (1845 - 1923) was a pioneer in 'Modern Beekeeping', a champion at the show-bench, the owner and operator of Britain's largest bee-farm, was presented to Queen Victoria, an owner of the world's first mass-produced car, and a prolific writer. His commentary of the Isle of Wight disease, a disease which wiped-out ninety per cent of the honeybee population in the British Isles, is his most significant contribution to the world of beekeeping. Woodley's story charts the rise and fall of British beekeeping.

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