Deconstructing The Style Of London Honey Co – What Beekeepers Can Learn

By deconstructing the style of London Honey Co (LHC), I hope to show how beekeepers can raise their game in marketing honey.

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Supply and Demand Myth

The conceprt of supply and demand fails because humans are irrational. The only time this law of economics works is if you go into a supermarket and buy economy jam.

Let me describe this utopian supermaket. There would be a shelf of economy jam from ten different competitors. Each competitor labels their jam in a boring and samey way, with the style of jar and lid being identical. Described on each jar is the word ‘jam’; no information about the fruit is used. The rational shopper chooses the cheapest jam.

Humans have stories in their heads and these stories play to their biases and world views. Price is only one factor when people buy honey. The story that people can tell themselves about a jar/brand/type/lcoation of honey, determines their decision to buy.

Beekeepers should tell stories about what they do, and not be fooled into thinking they are selling a standard commodity in a glass jar.

Jars and Stories

London Honey Co sell lots of different honeys. There is a story with each honey they sell.

Kent Beach Honey Label from London Honey Company

I quite like the ‘Kent Beach Jar’ described as:-

From the coastal forage of Kent, where the bees visit the bramble, viper’s bugloss and wild wood sage flowers which grow on the flint beaches, producing an unusual honey with notes of verdant herbs.

Yet, it is the look of the jars that makes the story about the honey authentic.

London Honey Company, Honey With Vanilla. Honey in contained in a bonta jar.
Honey With Vanilla contained in a bonta jar.

The use of transparent labelling, manifested to the side of the glass, makes a bold effect. The label design has a white silhouette on top of a golden honey backdrop. You can get these type of labels here.

The jars have a retro look and you can find these by googling ‘Bonta Glass Jar 63mm neck.’ Here is one source of bonta jars. These jars are expensive but they do give LHC honey the x-factor.


All this care to detail enables LHC to charge premium prices for their honey. They have chosen to race to the top instead of competing on price. I hope deconstructing the style of London Honey Co honey will start a dialogue on honey marketing.

So, what’s the story behind your honey?

Post Script

This post is part of a bigger project, so please consider reading my posts about London Honey Company and Saddleback Farmshop. These look at the topic of honey jar label design.

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