Here you will find local honey, honeysoap and beeswax balm.

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The front elevation of a jar of Wantage Honey from Beehive Yourself. #BeehiveYourself #WantageHoney
Wantage Honey is a delectable runny honey made by my honeybees who are hived in and around Wantage. Wantage is a market town, lying below...
A collection of hand made Lemongrass Honeysoap. #BeehiveYourself, #WantageHoney,
Lemongrass Honeysoap is handmade soap, produced locally, here, in Wantage. Its indredients include local honey and beeswax. The weight of each soap varies...
Lavender Fragrance Beeswax Balm
Beeswax Balm. Great for dry skin. Made with 3 natural ingredients: Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil and Lavender Essential Oil. It has a lavender fragrance. The Net...
A Beeswax Sunflower from beeswax from my hives. #BeehiveYourself, #WantageHoney, #Beeswax, Beehive Yourself,
A Beeswax Sunflower. The beeswax comes from my hives in Wantage...
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