With Wantage Farmers Market happening next Saturday morning, I thought I would share with you two documents to throw more light on the Lidl issue.

This post follows-on from this post, which sets the scene.

1. The throw-back line when this matter is discussed is, ‘Lidl have every right to be there.’ (‘there’ being Wantage Farmers Market)

The “rules” of Wantage Farmers Market (see attached document ‘FM Rules’ see page 3) seem challenge Lidl’s presence:

“the market is only open to the sellers of food who produce the items themselves.  No bought-in produce is permitted to be sold.”

Can anyone tell how Lidl was complying with the Farmers Market rules?  Honestly, please do.

2. According to Wantage Town Council’s website:

“there is the Farmers’ Market selling locally produced food on the  eastern side  of the Square.”

Please note to words “eastern side of the Square”.  Lidl were positioned at the eastern part of the square – why were they there?  Who was supervising the market?

Wantage Town Council's Description of Wantage Farmers Market #SaveWantageFarmersMarket, #WantageFarmersMarket, #WantageTownCouncil, #Lidl,
Wantage Town Council’s Description of Wantage Farmers Market which is situated on the Eastern Side of the Market Place.

3. Naturally Wantage Town Council is a public body and those in public office have to comply with the The 7 Principle of Public Life.

I read with interest point 4 which states:

“Holders of public office are accountable to the public for their decisions and actions and must submit themselves to the scrutiny necessary to ensure this.”

As such, maybe those of you that haven’t complained yet, might want to ask themselves why?  You have a right to complaint and to hold people in public office to account (see principle 4 above).

4. It’s time to wake-up people or you will lose Wantage Farmers Market.

Wantage Farmers Market in Action. Streetscene of Wantage Farmers Market at Wantage Market Place. SaveWantageFarmersMarket. Save Wantage Farmers Market.#WantageFarmersMarket, #SaveWantageFarmersMarket,
Wantage Farmers Market in Action

The Clerk of the Town Council is proposing we change the name of the Farmers’ Market – who knows maybe it will be called the ‘Saturday Market’ – oops isn’t that what the existing Saturday market is called?

and I quote:

“There were only four stalls attending last Saturday’s market, three of which were producers rather than farmers. It may be that the name is inappropriate.”

Let’s make

Wantage Farmers Market

a great experience!

Farmers Market the last Saturday in the month. #WantageFarmersMarket, #SaveWantageFarmersMarket, #LidlThreatensWantageFarmersMarket,
Wantage Farmers Market A-Frame Sign.

An email similar to this post was sent 25 August 2019 to Cllr Dunford, Council Member for Wantage Town Council.