Saddleback Farmshop, Farnborough, Berkshire, Set into a Hive Frame

Saddleback Farm Shop – Honey Label Review

This is a honey label review of the Saddleback Farmshop‘s honey-shelf. This farmshop is located on the edge of the village of Farnborough in West Berkshire and is adjacent to the B4494. # Saddleback Farmshop Honey If you stumbled on this blog because you are looking for LOCAL HONEY, then hop over to my online shop. … Read more

GallowayHoneyFarm Label set in hive frame

Honey Label Review – Galloway Honey Farm

This blog is a Honey Label Review of Galloway Honey Farm Scottish Heather honey. This blog follows on from my honey label style review of London Honey Co. As an aside, the taste of Scottish heather honey is wonderous, although it might be a bit too strong for some palettes. Finding local honey in Scotland proved … Read more