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One way to find customers is to put flyers through their letterboxes. For the best chance of success you need to create something remarkable. This is my attempt at doing just that – using cardboard, ink, and string and I show you below how to make a letterpress flyer.

My Method

How To Make A Letterpress Flyer

I measure, mark up, then cut the cardboard into strips. Each A1 sheet of card gives seven strips. from this strong 300 gsm canford card. The card goes through a Woodware three-inch scalloped-circle punch, however for this thickness of card I sit the punch in a stand, then place them both into an arbour press. On average, ten scalloped-blanks are produce with each strip of card, which works out as seventy blanks per sheet.

I almost forgot to mention, you will also need the following: a pair of scissors, a scalloped-circle hole punch, two silicon stamps, an arbour press, an adana eight five letterpress and a hand punch.

Silicon Stamp With Double-Side Tape Backing

I have had two silicon stamps specially made for this flyer, and used a company called ‘The English Stamp Company’ . They produced the rubbery impressions from designs I submitted. A stamp is stuck to an aluminium chase plate with heavy-duty double-sided tape. Next, I insert the chase into the letterpress, ink up the disk, and get to work. One card circle is placed on the platen, with the handle depressed and my flyer is half-printed! I have about three hundred to do, and same again for the reverse side. However, this job takes about an hour, so I had better get to work!

Adana LetterPress At Work - Making A Letterpress Flyer

Interestingly, I have used the letterpress before in a bee related project – I printed bees onto tissue paper.

It might act as a useful reminder, if people could hang the letterpress flyer, maybe on their fridge or on a cupboard door knob. I punch holes in the flyer and attach string.

Must grab my coat – it’s time to post my flyers!

Letterpress Flying Being Posted Into A Letterbox

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