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About Us

Welcome To Beehive Yourself!


We are big into honeybees!

In fact we have two apiaries: one on the Berkshire Downs and the other in the market town of Wantage, in southern Oxfordshire, England.

The Wantage apiary is situated in a suburban garden, a few streets away from Wantage Hospital and the garden centre.

Here, bees benefit from the flora of the gardens and public spaces, as well as the surrounding arable fields.

Bees On Comb

The Downland apiary is situated on piece of land which is semi-woodland. Here, bees benefit from the agricultural crops, with oil-seed-rape and field bean being the most common.

Beside crops, there are plenty of other flowers for the bees to forage, particulary trees, thistles, brambles and ivy.

We Sell…

You Can Buy Directly From Us – Just Visit Our Shop.

Wantage Oxfordshire Local Honey

Wantage Honey is pure, local honey. It is unpasteurised and retains its original pollen. Wantage honey is enjoyed by many of our local customers, who also happen to be hayfever suffers. The bees will have foraged on the polyfloral plants and trees growing in the gardens and open spaces in suburban Wantage. Buy here.

This honey dippers (also known as honey spoons) are made by a Lincolnshire based company. The honey dipper is the alternative to a spoon, and debate rages amongst honey aficionados as how to best serve honey: metal spoon vs wooden dipper.

Folklore has it that you shouldn’t use a metal spoon with honey. In the days before stainless steel this makes a lot of sense, because honey is slightly acidic and would corrode metal.

If you would like a dipper to drizzle honey over your food, you can buy here.

Beeswax Balm Image from https://www.beehiveyourself.co.uk

Beeswax Balm is a soft cream, that is gentle on the skin. It is made with three ingredients: beeswax, grapeseed oil, and lavender essential oil. As you would expect, the beeswax comes from our hives.

This balms’ biggest attribute is that is effective on dry and cracked skin. Afterall, beeswax is nature’s sealant.

It comes in a very portable 20g pot. Buy here.

The Beeswax Flower is made from pure beeswax from our hives, and molded into a flower.

Delivery, Collect or Postage

There are four low cost ways to receive your purchases:-

* Choose ‘click and collect’ its free.

* If you live in the OX12 and RG20 postcode areas – choose the free delivery option.

* If you live further afield – free shipping on orders over £30.

* In all other cases, the shipping charge is £5.

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