Beeswax Balm

Beeswax Balm. Great for dry skin. Made with 3 natural ingredients: Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil and Lavender Essential Oil. It has a lavender fragrance. The Net weight is 20g.

Beeswax Sunflower Made With Wantage Beeswax

A Beeswax Sunflower. The beeswax comes from my honeybees in Wantage.

Wantage Honey

A delectably scummy runny honey made by my honeybees who are hived in and around Wantage. Wantage is a market town, lying below the Berkshire Downs and looking over the Vale of the White Horse.


My Happenings Hereabouts

Complaint To Wantage Town Council: Lidl At Wantage Farmers’ Market

Lidl weren't 'selling locally produced food' during the farmers' market yet they were at the eastern side of the square. By reason of the criteria above, Lidl had no right to be there. I would add that Lidl's presence at the farmers' market undermined the authenticity and character of the farmers' market.

William Woodley – An Introduction

William Woodley (1845 - 1923) was a pioneer in 'Modern Beekeeping', a champion at the show-bench, the owner and operator of Britain's largest bee-farm, was presented to Queen Victoria, an owner of the world's first mass-produced car, and a prolific writer. His commentary of the Isle of Wight disease, a disease which wiped-out ninety per cent of the honeybee population in the British Isles, is his most significant contribution to the world of beekeeping. Woodley's story charts the rise and fall of British beekeeping.