Are You Looking For Bee Products?

Beehive Yourself - Uncapping a frame of honey 150 x 150 - Pure Local Honey

If the answer is YES you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s explain:

Beehive Yourself! is a company who are big into honeybees.

In fact we have two apiaries (a place where we keep hives): one on the Berkshire Downs and the other in the market town of Wantage, in southern Oxfordshire, England.

beehive yourself apiary 125 x 125

What’s more:

We wanted Beehive Yourself! to reach beyond local customers and more specifically to food-lovers and natural-cosmetics users.

We like to think our customers crave the authentic, they appreciate quality, and covet the handmade.

So we built this website to make our wares accessible to a larger audience.

Wantage Honey Pure Local Honey 150 x 150

What Do We Sell?

Beehive Yourself! sells:

pure local honey,

honey soap,

beeswax balm,

honey dippers,

pure beeswax.

Beeswax Balm Top View of Balm 150 x150

And you can be confident when you buy from Beehive Yourself! that our:

  • honey is pure, local and unpasteurised;
  • pure beeswax come from our hives;
  • handmade honey soap uses our pure local beeswax and honey, and is fragranced with an essential oil;
  • beeswax balm is made with our pure local beeswax and is fragranced with an essential oil.

We Didn’t Stop There:

Rosemary Honeysoap on the sink 150 x 150

Our customers told us that they needed low cost way of receiving their orders.

We listened to them and have two solutions:

  1. Free Shipping Over £30;
  2. Click and Collect
  3. If you live in the Wantage area, we provide free delivery.

A bit more on Click and Collect:

Make a purchase on our online shop and choose ‘click and collect’, and drop by and pick up your items. This way you save on postage.

Beehive Yourself! - Honeybees at the Hive Entrance - 150 x 150 - Beehive Yourself - Uncapping a frame of honey 150 x 150 - Pure Local Honey

Thank-you and we hope to hear from you soon.

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