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About Us

About Us at Beehive Yourself

Welcome to Beehive Yourself from Oxfordshire, England.

We are big into honeybees.

Downland Apiary Beehive Yourself

In fact we have two apiaries: one on the Berkshire Downs and the other in the market town of Wantage, in southern Oxfordshire, England.

Wantage Apiary Beehive Yourself

We wanted to better serve our customers by being more accessible, so we built this website.

If you appreciate things produced and crafted at a smaller scale, please consider visiting our shop page.

We Sell…at Beehive Yourself
We Beehive Yourself
Wantage Local Honey
Wantage Oxfordshire Local Honey

Wantage Honey is pure, local honey. It is unpasteurised and retains its original pollen. Wantage honey is enjoyed by many of our local customers, who also happen to be hayfever suffers. The bees will have foraged on the polyfloral plants and trees growing in the gardens and open spaces in suburban Wantage. Buy here.

Beeswax Balm
Beeswax Balm from Beehive Yourself

Beeswax Balm is a soft cream, that is gentle on the skin. It is made with three ingredients: beeswax, grapeseed oil, and lavender essential oil. As you would expect, the beeswax comes from our hives.

This balms’ biggest attribute is that is effective on dry and cracked skin. Afterall, beeswax is nature’s sealant.

It comes in a very portable 20g pot. Buy here.

Honey Dippers
Honey Dippers, also know as Honey Spoons at Beehive Yourself

This honey dippers (also known as honey spoons) are made by a Lincolnshire based company. The honey dipper is the alternative to a spoon, and debate rages amongst honey aficionados as how to best serve honey: metal spoon vs wooden dipper.

Folklore has it that you shouldn’t use a metal spoon with honey. In the days before stainless steel this makes a lot of sense, because honey is slightly acidic and would corrode metal.

If you would like a dipper to drizzle honey over your food, you can buy here.

Collect of DeliverT
Collect of Deliver
Here's three low cost ways to receive your purchases
Click and Collect

Here’s four low cost ways to receive your purchases-

  1. Choose ‘click and collect’ its free.
  2. If you live in the OX12 area – choose the free delivery option.
  3. If you live further afield – it’s free shipping on orders over £30.
  4. In all other cases, the shipping charge is £5.
What’s New?
What's New? at Beehive Yourself
Old Modern Beekeeping Without Link at the Beehive Yourself website.

We have been doing historical research into the beekeeping history in the Wantage and Downlands Area. Beehive Yourself is planning to tell the story of a period of time (1850ish to early 1920s) through the perspective of William Woodley (1845-1923), a beekeeper, who lived in Beedon, Berkshire. Read more here.

Beehive Yourself From England.
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