Featured Image: The Apiary At Crossing Cottage

The Apiary At Crossing Cottage, Compton, Berkshire.

Every so often I discover an apiary at a surprising location, and one such place, albeit in a photograph, was in the back garden of a railway-crossing cottage at Compton, Berks. This article tells the story of C W Dyer and his wife Sarah, their beekeeping activities, and the railway which served the Berkshire Downs. I finish by considering why Charles Dyer was able to adopt the modern version of the beekeeping, when so many in the countryside were abandoning the craft.

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Saddleback Farmshop, Farnborough, Berkshire, Set into a Hive Frame

Saddleback Farm Shop – Honey Label Review

This is a honey label review of the Saddleback Farmshop‘s honey-shelf. This farmshop is located on the edge of the village of Farnborough in West Berkshire and is adjacent to the B4494. # Saddleback Farmshop Honey If you stumbled on this blog because you are looking for LOCAL HONEY, then hop over to my online shop. … Read more

Wasp At Entrance To Hive Set in Hive Frame

Why Should Beekeepers Trap Wasps in Spring

Why should beekeepers trap wasps in spring? The problem I am hoping to address happens in autumn which is a squadron of yellow jackets attacking your weakest colony of honeybees. You can mitigate the problem by narrowing the hive entrance to one bee-space. If the wasp-attack is still persistent, place a clear material at the front … Read more