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Plumley Pod Episode 40
Steven Herbert with a silly cow!

Sarah Plumley interviews me on her podcast – The Plumley Pod – where I initially talk about St Valentine. Most people assume that Valentine’s day is about love but in reality he is the patron saint of epileptics, beekeepers and fainters. After spending long periods during the summer in my bee-suit, I too have been close to passing out.

Sarah asks me about how I got into beekeeping, and then the Plumley Pod pivots to the topic of bee extinction. I mention the importance of honeybees to farmers and explain the concept of floral fidelity. We consider the problems of the varroa mite, insecticides and the asian hornet.


Jar of Maggots

I am grateful to Sarah Plumley (Pod) for giving me this perfect opportunity to disrespect farmers, Americans, the French, and various Wantage town councillors. It was of particular pleasure to call-out David Johnston member of parliament for Wantage and Didcot. This maggot stated in an email to me in April 2021 the following.

‘I’m sorry to hear you still have concerns but can assure you the vaccine is in no way experimental.’

David Johnston, MP for Wantage and Didcot

So Mr Johnston, what is causing the excess mortality?


Enough Is Enough - The Sarah Plumley Pod

Sarah and I discuss the malaise of society. Specifically, how people now seem to be lazy, selfish and vain. There was some thought about when our country started to culturally decay. Sarah thought that this might have predated the invention of the smart phone. I pointed to the miners strike and Thatcher as perhaps the turning point.

The podcast closed by encouraging the listeners to come off social media, to have websites and use rss (really simple syndication).

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