Where Can I Find Local Honey Near Me?

Where can I find local honey near me?  I often see this and similar questions posed on community pages and I have several tips to help you track down jars of this golden flowery-wonderfulness. I summarise below:

Roadside Local Honey Near Me

Local Shops, Service Stations, Farm Shops and Garden Centres

Seek Local Knowledge About Who Sells Local Honey Near Me

Online Honey Shops

A Shameless Plug

A line of Wantage Local Honey jars.

As a shameless plug, I am a beekeeper and I sell my local honey online – please find me at the beehive yourself shop, and if you live near Wantage, I deliver for free. Nonetheless, some of you may wish to buy it even closer to home.

Roadside Local Honey Near Me

Sign for Local Honey for Sale

One way is to keep your eyes peeled when driving, or walking down your local streets.  Many beekeepers have hives in their back garden and display signs near the highway with words such as ‘local honey’, ‘honey for sale’ or ‘honey – buy me here’.  However, this form of retail entails knocking on the apiarist’s door; rest assured that whilst bees can sting, beekeepers usually don’t.

That being said, some honey-sellers have a self-service setup, where the honey resides in the porch and you pay by using the honesty box. So, don’t forget to bring cash with you.

Local Shops, Service Stations, Farm Shops and Garden Centres

Local honey jars in a row

Everyone needs to take their cut, so typically local shops can be an expensive option. This is particularly true of farm shops and garden centres. Some of these vendors are quite unscrupulous and screw both the poor beekeeper and the consumer on price.

One example of a farm shop near me is Saddleback and they sell a range of local honey and bee-products.

Seeking Local Knowledge About Who Sells Honey Near Me

Facebook Community pages: 'Where can I get local honey please?'

Another way to find these hive products would be to contact your local beekeepers’ association. They can be found by using your favourite online search engine. Once found, their webpage should provide a means to contact. Alternatively, check out the British Bee-keepers Association’s webpage to find a local organisation.

Facebook Wantage and Grove Community Page

However, more often than not the person responsible for communicating with the public has probably been press-ganged into the role. This means that the volunteer is either an inept administrator, a misanthropic dragon or maybe both. Consequently, if you get a response at all you are doing well, and if you get a useful answer in your quest for finding local honey near you, then kudos to you!

A better way to find bee-juice would be to use social media. More specifically, join a local community group. One Facebook group I frequent is the ‘Wantage and Grove Community’ and members have asked the query:

‘Where can I get local honey please?’

They got some great answers. So, give it a go!

Online Honey Shops

Beehive Yourself Shop Products Banner

Some beekeepers, like myself, have online shops (beehiveyourself.co.uk/shop). To find one near you, go to your favourite search engine (for instance google). Then, type in the name of the place where you live, or the nearby town, followed by the word ‘honey’. Often beemen, like yours truly, offer free delivery depending on where you live.


Naked jam yet it is honey????

I hope I have helped you with this common question: how to find local honey near me? In all probability the answer to this query is right under your nose, either a short walk or a few clicks away.

Please let me know your experiences of finding local honey in the comments section.

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