Saddleback Farm Shop – Honey Label Review

In this article I review honey labels displayed on jars on sale at Saddleback Farmshop. If you wish to follow in my footsteps, this store is located on the edge of the village of Farnborough in West Berkshire and is adjacent to the B4494. Foodies will love the cafe there.

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I visited the farmshop in early January 2020 to get an appreciation about how other honey producers label their jars. I hope to redesign my label before the honey season begins. Without further ado here is my review.

Saddleback Farmshop Honey Shelf

Honey Label Review Saddleback Farm, Farnborough, West Berkshire

I went straight to the honey shelf and started taking photos in earnest. The shelf contained three different types of honey, although I review only two of the honey labels.

Hillside House Honey

The Hillside House Honey label is just too busy! Too many different sized words and more visual devises than needed. I think honey buffs want to know two things: what is it and where precisely is it from? Keep the detail around the back of the jar.

In addition, I am not sure about the use of black – it does not feel the right colour for honey. However, there is no confusion that honey is inside, unlike the next producer.

Honey Label Review Hillside House Honey

Naked Jam… [OR IS IT?]

Honey Label Review Naked Jam - Honey

The irony of this ‘Naked Jam’ label is probably lost its designers. It is a bold, simple label, yet the word ‘jam’ is much larger and more prominent than the word describing its contents. In addition, the feel of the label seems austere, a bit like the ‘value’ branded products Tesco sells.

A Non-Honey Product But With Promise

The ‘Single Variety Co – Lemon Drop Chili Jam’ has a simple design. The label doesn’t obscure the contents of the jar. Like naked jam, they seemed to be more concerned about displaying the brand name than promoting what’s under the lid.

Honey Label Review Single Variety Co

Honey Label Inspiration

London Honey Company. Honey in contained in a bonta jar. Manifestation to glass. Plastic labels with white text. The label is difficult to see in the wrong light.

Nonetheless, this jar gives me an idea about how to design using clear plastic labels. You see, with the London Honey Company’s label contains white writing which is difficult to read if the contents of the jar is not sufficiently dark. Yet, on the ‘Lemon Drop Chili’ section of the label, there is clear writing on a block of white, making the writing readable regardless of the contents. I will incorporate this idea in the design of my label.


Simplicity seems to be the key to a good design yet it must be interesting and not austere.

Putting the branding ahead of describing what is in the jar probably seems foolish. Unless its a novelty product where we are meant to get the joke – pure jam…honey – get it????

Lastly, how do you feel when you see the label? What story do you tell yourself about the honey?

Side Note

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