Lockinge Estate Exhibition

The Lockinge Estate Exhibition will be open on 23rd through to 24th March 2024 (2pm to 5pm) at the Loyd Lindsay Rooms in Ardington. This event will give you a glimpse into the life of the communities who lived on the Lockinge Estate. I can’t tell you what you will see; broadly speaking each annual event is different. What I can say is the media on display will be photographs, documents and artifacts.

Signpost pointing to Ardington.

Back in the day, the Estate comprised of numerous villages which included settlements on the Berkshire Downs and around the Vale of the White Horse. As such, you might see at the Lockinge Estate exhibition items from say Beedon or Charlton.

M. A. Havinden, a historian, wrote a book about the Lockinge Estate in 1966, thus indicating its historical significance. He was able to write his book thanks to the careful record keeping and archiving by this organisation. However, you will only get to view a small proportion of this collection at the Lockinge Estate exhibition. Nonetheless, judging by how popular it alway is, this event is a must-see.

How to Find the Lockinge Estate Exhibition

Pathway through the woods, near Ardington.

The Locking Estate Exhibition is held at the Loyd Lindsay Rooms which are situated in the delightful, out-of-the-way village of Ardington. Nonetheless, there is plentiful parking and this event usually has hot refreshments and cakes for sale. Furthermore, you can reach Ardington by exiting the A34 at Milton, go south on the A4130, and then travel west along the A417. The Loyd Lindsay Rooms‘ website goes into greater detail about their location and facilities.

Overall, a great day out awaits you, it’s family-friendly and inexpensive. Get your diary out and keep the date!

In addition, Ardington and Lockinge have woodlands which are open to the public. So, consider making a day of it by taking a walk and having a pub lunch (Boar’s Head Pub).

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William Woodley driving his car. Cartoon courtesy of Beehive Yourself.

I am currently researching and writing about William Woodley (bee-farmer; showman; writer) who resided in a Lockinge Estate village. My writings on him can be found <here>.

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